No More FREE Patterns

Posted on August 19, 2014 at 6:00 PM

Due to certain recent events,


For many years, I have done all I could to freely share my love of tatting with as many folks as possible.  I do, however, have a line that no one is allowed to cross.  Copying my FREE patterns, putting them together with a staple and selling them is NOT acceptable.  Carefully editing images of my work to remove the watermark/copyright mark then selling the images as your own work will NOT be tolerated.  The offenders have been dealt with but I am still exceedingly upset.

In the future I will make available patterns that can be downloaded for a fee, but the days of sharing even the bare bone foundations of my work are at an end.  The aforementioned patterns will only be available from either my Atelier website of a possible future Etsy store.  It is with deep regret that I take these steps, but they are necessary to protect my work.  Especially my OOAK (one-of-a-kind) pieces, which are to be the primary focus of my current and future tatting endeavours.

Thank you for understanding.

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Reply Corina Meyfeldt
6:49 PM on August 19, 2014 
Sad that you had to take this step, but so necessary to protect you, your beautiful ideas, your skill and your work. Wish you the best for what you will do next.
Reply Jeanne
6:58 PM on August 19, 2014 
So sorry you had to do this Rachel. I totally understand
Reply Tracy Winsor
7:17 PM on August 19, 2014 
So sorry you have had this happen to you. I completely understand and will continue to follow you here and on facebook. Your work is beautiful and an inspiration to us honest folk out here.
Reply Jenn E
9:48 PM on August 19, 2014 
I am so sorry this has happened to you :(.
Reply Phyllis
9:53 PM on August 19, 2014 
Sorry to hear but I completely understand. It is so sad that there are people who does not respect the work of others. Your work is beautiful and hope you will still post some pictures of your work. You are an inspiration to the tatting world.
Reply Pati Blackwell
10:00 PM on August 19, 2014 
Ohhh, Rachel. I am sorry this happened to you. Your 'ART' is an inspirartion to us. Your creations are beautiful an imaginative. 'Works of art'. Thank you for sharing your work with us.
Reply spandana
11:56 PM on August 19, 2014 
I am so sorry to hear this. I was one of the many fans of yours who used ur patterns for personal and gifting. Thank you for your generosity and always will cherish your patterns.
Reply cheryl
12:01 AM on August 20, 2014 
I am so sorry for the treatment you have received, I have enjoyed your talent. Karma will take care of the people who do take advantage. Again I am so sorry.
Reply Connie White
10:22 AM on August 22, 2014 
Hate to hear that! I so looked forward to seeing your freebies, and have made a few for gifts. But being a past crafter I do understand the frustration of pattern copying.
Reply Susan
3:11 PM on August 25, 2014 
Sorry to hear this...
I really enjoyed viewing your work - it's beautiful!
It's too bad that some people can't just play nice :-(
Reply birdies
9:22 PM on August 28, 2014 
Your free patterns introduced me to Valdani threads. Thank you for that, and I'll keep an eye out for your new patterns for purchase in the future.
Sorry you have to go through all that.
Reply Erin Epps
4:28 AM on September 9, 2014 
Hi I just found you through pinterest and was wondering if you were selling and "easy" patterns for a beginner like me... I've learned mostly by trial and error and YouTube videos, but I want to learn to read patterns and I can't seem to find beginners patterns. If you personally don't have beginners patterns perhaps you could point me in the direction of someone who does. Thanks so much, Erin Epps.
Reply Jennifer Kohr
11:45 AM on October 30, 2014 
Hi there. So sorry to hear someone is pirating your work. This is one of the reasons I refuse to provide patterns of even my simplest work. I know how frustrating and sickening it feels when your work is stolen. I have had entire listings copied and pasted on other websites including my name! Best of luck to you. Your work is very beautiful and you are a talented girl!
Jennifer Kohr AKA Snappy Tatter
Reply Danielle
9:05 AM on November 4, 2015 
Your work is amazing. Could you please post a link to your etsy page?
Reply Jessica
10:46 PM on November 29, 2015 
I too would love to find you on Etsy if you have begun posting patterns for sale. I love your designs (just found you)!